Apple Watch Series 2 Has A Feature Which I Suggested To A Startup A Month Back

And it's really cool to see smartwatches move forward...

Basically, a month back, I covered a Haptic wearable device by the name of Moment which was created and researched upon by some alumni of Arizona State University and they had planned to launch a Kickstarter this month.

Basically this was the idea which I noted in my article at that time:
One particular and interesting example we can think off is its practical application in Pokemon GO and other AR apps. Instead of fetching out your phone each and every time, Moment will automatically notify you if there is a Pokemon nearby and catch em all! Let's hope the devs also have something similar in mind.
Apple implemented it in an even better way on Apple Watch Series 2 and that is because they can. They can reach out to developers better than any other startup plus this if I am not wrong, the first ever cross platform app integration and data sharing of it's kind.

The importance of this integration is immense and I am pretty much surprised to see very little coverage of this particular feature across the media. Users have been demanding similar things. I mean you have a smartwatch, a smartphone and for an app like Pokemon GO which relies heavily on GPS and mobile data, you would have to carry an additional power bank. Basically the work of your watch is being done by your smartphone so there is no proper distribution of the work load here. So in essence we have a bottleneck here which is needlessly wasting the battery of your phone which you could use for other stuff.

Let me name a few apps which could potentially benefit from this integration:


Think of this app as a real life treasure hunt as players move across the environment in search of various containers. Instead of keeping your smartphone on all the time, your watch will inform you when you are near to a treasure chest as you scout the environment.

The Walk

In this particular app, players will have to carry a package which save the Earth. It takes about 3 months to complete and as you progress, you'll unlock more and more audio clips and bonus content.


The actually better, older, advanced but a lot less popular version of Pokemon Go. Ingress puts players in midst of parallel world under attack. You have to save humanity before it falls into the wrong hands. In this particular game, the watch could inform you when you are near portals or foreign matter required for progressing further in the game.
And there are many others to say which could benefit from this integration. And that is say when Augmented Reality hasn't even matured enough to become a Billion Dollar Industry. A couple years still remain.
During each event by Apple, they invite a developer of particular interest on stage to give a demo of their app on Apple Products and devices. In a sense people compare their conferences with those of Samsung but I would compare it with reveals of new Android versions. Because it is less hardware, more software coverage. The interconnection of platforms in this case is ideal since all these devices at the end of day, will compliment each other and help each other perform better. A smartwatch and Smartphone makes a pretty optimized duo a person who prefers to track his fitness as well as maintain a certain level of productivity throughout the day.

So point being, I am interested to know how Google responds to Apple in this particular segment. They should implement cross platform across Android Wear and think of a way to distinguish this from their competitor which I know they can since they have a great level of imagination and creative thinking power.

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