Sniper Fury For iPhone and Android Review - More Than Just A Hitman

Gameloft dominates the mobile gaming segment. Every now and then you stumble up on their titles with the promises of console level graphical quality brimming with action suitable for your handheld device. The bad? It lasts only a short while.

What Is It About?

Sniper Fury as the name pretty much clarifies is based on first person campaign set in Murmansk, Shanghai and many other locations. But this is not your typical sniper game since it has Assault weapons and multiplayer attack options too. You'll have your own base which you can upgrade with Guards having various abilities. And then you have various contract missions and more.

Gameplay Video

Where It Excels?

  • Amazing Combat Experience
  • Fairly good campaigns
  • Variety of Weapons

And Downpoints?

  • Missions are pretty short.
  • Multiplayer is either easy or pay-2-win.
  • Abilities are bought using real money.


Sniper Fury sets players in midst of Murmansk. You'll be guided through various missions. Initially 2 weapons namely: Cato Skylark, Cato SM-07 are available which will assist you in Sniper and Assault campaigns respectively. Apart from the main story missions, there are 4 separate campaigns: Sniper, Assault, Contracts and Events. The first two and last one are typically short set the same area where your main assignment exists and are there just to earn you cash to upgrade your weapons. Events are a totally different assignment which are there for a specific time and change periodically.

Let us discuss a bit about the combat mechanics, I personally have taken a liking to the Sniper missions of this game. Apart from the same zoom in and take the eye out, you have piercing bullets specifically made to take out enemies with bullet proof jackets. You got slow-downs and heat vision to help you spot and easily kill your enemies.

While all that sounds like free candy but it has a price of 4 pound cake. Don't get me? Well typically like all free to play the in-app purchases always stretch you back a mile. You can get 3 piercing bullets for $1 and similar pricing follows for rest of the side abilities. I haven't even begun to elaborate the insanely priced weapons they have in the store but to some extent, that is still understandable.

Moving on, the combat mechanics are impressive overall. Excellent controlling and carnage using the environment objects. However it is a sad thing that I can't move my character even in Assault missions. They have kept this exclusive to Modern Combat 5 and automated character movement in Brothers-in-Arms 3.

The fun and games are fairly short which I should say since individual missions are way too much short. In multiplayer campaigns you are put into leagues and at the time of writing, I am tumbling about in Bronze III and Bronze II league. Bronze III is extremely easy, regrettably (thanks Cato Howler) but I haven't even won a single game in Bronze II. I can't help thinking it's a pay-2-win situation here.

Storyline is fairly good, initially set in Murmansk in which you will battle out Bezukhin's men and in Shanghai you will take out the Redcell operatives and so on. I should say it is fairly easy to pass through individual missions if you keep on upgrading your weapons. For a bit of added frustration, don't upgrade it. Just risk it and you'll consider it more challenging.

There is also your own base in which you'll have to station some frontline guards and Special units which include a Sniper, Grenade thrower and more. You can attack other players online but it is set in the same environment, same units but sometimes upgraded and more powerful. This is extremely reptitive to be honest.

And like all first person shooter games, there are a great variety of weapons. One of the previous events had Enigma for instance which in essence looks like a crossbow but deals damage equal to that of an RPG. There is a lot of choice in weaponry available here so if you are interested in chunking out some cash, then by all means buy the whole store.

Overall, I have enjoyed this game as far as the  but it is frustrating considering I have to upgrade weapons every now and then. In essence the game gets repetitive after some time. The core mechanics and combat stands out of all this so if you are willing to ignore all of the above, then download the game now, you'll not be disappointed.

Editor's Remark: Satisfactory 

Rating: 3/5

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