The Team

Below listed are the awesome people who have worked tirelessly to make The Cryd's Daily a better place for you. Leave your thanks to them or give them feedback, they won't bite!

Shaheryar Ehsan-i-Haque


In the midst of all Technology happenings, you need something to keep you informed about changing trends in tech. The Cryd's Daily sole purpose is to do just that, Our team will be delivering the top-notch content and dissecting the difficult info to digestible chunks and bring them to you. In his free time, Shaheryar can be found deep inside the towers of Game-Debate writing about PC Games and Hardware.

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Umair Nadeem

Chief  Executive Officer

Umair Nadeem is a Software Engineering student at Riphah International University, Islamabad, Pakistan. A tech enthusiast always in a quest of learning something new, you'll always find him involved working in cloud computing or machine learning. When not coding he'll be discussing business ideas and startups. 
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Jawad Arshed

Marketing Advisor

Electronics Engineer and Business Consultant, Jawad has complete insight into the Telecom and Technology sector. At present, he is a Digital Strategy Consultant for Telenor. In his free time, he helps out with advertising and promotion strategies of The Cryd's Daily.
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Tehreem Farooqi

Technology Editor and Graphics Designer

Tehreem Farooqi is a freelance writer and a Software Engineering student at National University of Sciences and Technology, Islamabad, Pakistan. When not arm deep within coding or studies, she can be found scouring the internet for the latest technology news or discussing future strategies of TCD with Shaheryar, all day long.
Reach out to her if you would like to have a story on a technical topic, dissected into chunks which you can digest easily.
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Shifa Shariq

Editorials Lead

An ardent follower of Sherlock and everything related to psychology, Shifa joined Software Engineering thinking it was the ideal profession but then she met Java......
Reach out to her if you have a story on which you would like an in-depth analysis or editorial on a trend but be warned, she cares about each and every detail of a topic!
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Atiqa Shoaib Qureshi

Editorial Assistant

With an eye for detail and a love for gaming, Atiqa is our go-to for game reviews as she always has the best analysis of every segment of a game. Atiqa is a student of anthropology and it's that love for human history that urges her to know your opinion about everything interesting. Reach out to her for a deep discussion about gaming and the scientific side of human history!
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