The Team

Below listed are the awesome people which have worked tirelessly to make The Cryd's Daily a better place for you. Leave your thanks to them or give them feedback, they won't bite!

Shaheryar Ehsan-i-Haque


In the midst of all Technology happenings, you need something to keep you informed about changing trends in tech. The Cryd's Daily sole purpose is to do just that, Our team will be delivering the top notch content and dissecting the difficult info to digestible chunks and bring them to you. In his free time, Shaheryar can be found deep inside the towers of Game-Debate writing about PC Games and Hardware.
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Jawad Arshed

Marketing Advisor

Electronics Engineer And Business Consultant, Jawad has complete insight of the Telecom and Technology sector. At present he is Assistant Manager Digital Acquisitions for Ufone. In his free time, he helps out with advertising and promotion strategies of The Cryd's Daily.
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