Jet Black Or Matte Black iPhone 7 - Which Would You Buy?

I reckon this is one of the most intriguing questions one would ask himself when deciding to preorder the new iPhone 7 (considering you are preordering) or just for the sake of hypothesis, it is a pretty good time to ponder whether it is worth getting the Jet Black iPhone 7 or Matte Black.

Before we get down to the specifics, I would like to point out that the entire hype surrounding the iPhone 7's launch was due to the introduction of a Black variant. And it makes the look damn beautiful as it was seen in Martin Hajek's concept designs for this flagship phone before it was launched.

Despite the beautiful color variants, the overall design remains repetitive and downright similar to that of iPhone 6s and iPhone 6 (clarified even before launch of iPhone 7).

Let's consider this, the iPhone 7 has indeed gotten glossier and shinier over the predecessors and the Jet Black pretty much compliments this approach. Not only is the shiny surface water-resistant (not covered in warranty) but it is also comparatively slimmer compared to the iPhone 6S. And I daresay this was the color almost everyone was waiting for and expecting from Apple to reveal during this event.

And has it is rightly said that "all that glitters is not gold" , This new variant is prone to fingerprint scratches and microabrasions after a certain period of use. Technically you can say they are unavoidable if you use this phone without a case or if you just put your soft finger on it's back.

Then comes the Matte Black, according to initial hands-on reviews the phone surfaced has been polished and feels incredibly smooth. The designing is great and one can say it is on par with the Jet Black without the glossy surface and you'll not need to buy an additional case for this phone.

So it comes down to a matter of preferences, you are spending a pretty hefty sum on your new phone and obviously even the slightest hint of a scratch isn't going to bode well on you. In this case you will have a choice: Case/Corning Gorilla Glass Covering/Any Glass Protector for the phone which will obviously cost extra.

So my lovely reader, which would you prefer, Matte Black or Jet Black and why? Sign off in the comments!

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