Moment Is A Game Changer Device For Your iPhone and Android Smartphones

The biggest problems which users face with Technology nowadays that it can be really distracting and at the wrong time. Say you are driving and you get a call, the dilemma arises whether you should look at the road ahead or pick up the important phone (no, wife is not that important). Smartwatches have addressed this problem to a certain extent but you still have to look away from your task at hand.

Moment means to address this situation. It is a haptic feedback wearable device which communicates information entirely through sense of touch and currently offers GPS navigation, caller identification, notifications, alerts, and time augmentation, all through your sense of touch.

Consider an example of navigation on a busy road with a path defined. Instead of looking down or listening to instructions you will actually feel when you have to take a turn left or right using this wearable device.
One particular and interesting example we can think off is its practical application in Pokemon GO and other AR apps. Instead of fetching out your phone each and every time, Moment will automatically notify you if there is a Pokemon nearby and catch em all! Let's hope the devs also have something similar in mind.
Here is the entire schedule of their campaign:
  • May 2009: Shantanu begins research in haptic technologies 
  • Apr. 2014: Shantanu is awarded a 2014 Thiel Fellowship to continue his research 
  • Dec. 2015: Unveiled first prototype of Moment 
  • Feb. 2016: Ajay and Jake join the team to turn the prototype into a product 
  • Mar. 2016: Launch of website 
  • Jul. 2016: Opened office at Phoenix Center for Entrepreneurial Innovation 
  • Sep. 2016: Launch of Kickstarter campaign September 6, 2016  
The above phenomenon could also save the battery life of your smartphone to a great extent I might add. Moment is an idea of 3 Entrepreneurs: Shantanu Bala, Jake Rockland, Ajay Karpur, all belong to Arizona State University. The guys expect to raise around $100,000 to $500,000 by the end of this year and will put the device into production straight away.

If you are interested in pre-ordering, then go here and book your device for as low as $129. What are your thoughts regarding this upcoming Haptic wearable device?

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