About TCD

The Cryd's Daily is an independent media publishing website dedicated to providing news, info, guides, reviews and other articles on the vast world of technology

The world of smartphones, tablets, virtual reality, wearables and Internet of Things is evolving fastly with much changes coming within a matter of weeks. Our desire to make aware our readers about info regarding this subject and try to help them make the right decision. If it interests us and our readers, we'll cover it and bring it to you.

We focus on getting the best content for our readers and the range is quite broad, from covering the mobile industry to its link with Telecom as well as important day to day accessories which include but are not limited wearables.

Time to time, we will also update sections with comparisons to the rival gadgets which will come under Specs comparisons. There will also be reviews to help you make the right decision. Guides and How-Tos were also be written to help fix your problem within the above-stated niches.

All in all, the purpose is to create a website that the reader loves. We want to create something that offers values to the user and make sure that he came to the site because of its valuable content. With all this mind, our writers strive to make the best quality articles which are well researched but written in a manner that's easily understandable for an audience of all ages.

We try to cover almost everything that is currently trending. If you find anything interesting and not covered, feel free to tip us about it! 
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