Exclusive Interview: We Talk To The Man Behind Umz Games

Today we bring to you an exclusive interview with the guy behind Umz Games, developer of Killer Ant Empire and Umz Bluetooth Mini. Both apps are available on Android for download.
Let's proceed:
  • Tell us a little bit about your company and how many people are working in it? 
Umz Games. Just a single developer, Umezeyi. Company named after me.
I do however, outsource some of the other talent required and work with others on some other projects so it's a good model for now.
There's a real joy in playing with and against people, and also between games so I'm building towards that.
  • Killer Ant Empire uses a Retro styled theme/Layout. Is there a reason why you didn't put in more textures or so? 
Yes! I didn't have access to anything better, I used everything I could get my hands on at the time. So the result was a retro style. The update has some better graphics, but still following pretty much the same method.
  • I have spent some time testing out Killer Ant Empire and have to say you have some vision, Converting berries into gold plus Fighter Ants can even kill snails heh, whose idea it was to start this app and how has your experience during this course of time? 
The idea, came from watching Ants on Documentaries. I just wanted a game where I could watch them go up and down collecting stuff. It was a rapid development and deployment and so many people loved it, so I'm very pleased with the outcome. It's been difficult to develop, but I've learned alot and implemented new techniques so it's been very beneficial.
  • I have seen that your apps are mostly on Android at this time, Is there a specific reason for this preference over iOS? 
Other than Mini Games, all other projects will eventually find their way to iOS. Still experimenting with the actual games so it's easier to get the feedback from players before porting it.
The reason for preference over iOS was just simplicity. It's far easier and faster to become an Android developer.
  • What are your future plans regarding Killer Ant Empire plus Umz Bluetooth Mini? What features are you looking to introduce into these 2 apps? 
For Mini Games, there will be more games added in the future. It's not a priority project at the moment so, that's on the back seat.
Ants will be getting the Version RED update soon, and updates every month until the end of the year.
With each update there will be features added. But I'm looking to take it towards a strategy MMO.
  • What future projects are you working on at this time? Can you provide us some media or artwork regarding it? 
Just released a Sandbox project: Slow Builder Game
This game is slow paced (hence the title). It's for those of us that don't ~really play games, but still like to see the benefits and progression of a great game story. All you'll have to do is start off your town, and check up on the guys daily to see how they're getting along. Easy right?
For the future, there's Bee Islands, it's a concept for now.
Before that, another project, a small game to play with friends, nothing solid yet but I'll keep you updated.
  • Finally, Do you have any advice to new indie app developers out there? 
If I could go back and give myself advice, it would be this:
  • FINISH the projects you start.
  • Play ALOT of games.
  • FINISH the projects you start.
  • Start small, smaller, smaller and even smaller than that. The first games should be tiny.
  • FINISH the projects you start.
  • Make a lot of prototypes. Plan properly. Make everything as modules.
  • FINISH the projects you start.
Thanks for your time and Good luck on your future projects!
Be sure to check out Killer Ant Empire, It's a really good MMO. Also leave us your thoughts about Umz Games in the comments below!

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