How good is "Read First Pay Later" model for a blog?

This was an exciting question asked to me by someone so I thought to post it here and share with you all.

Here is the full Question:
What if instead of selling my blog articles, I publish my blog articles and ask my readers to pay after they finish reading article? Will that model earn me revenue?
EDIT: I write technical tutorials. If this is not a good model, can you suggest me how I can share my knowledge freely to the world as well as earn some cash [we are skipping add banners here!] 
Here is my full response from Quora:

It depends on the quantity AND quality of the content you'll be providing. A number of websites such as Game-Debate provide premium membership options for advanced tools and then there is the ever successful Wall Street Journal which has pay to read model.
But what are the things common in both of them?
  • Community
  • Content
Now to answer your question, Ask yourself this, will you be able to gather all of the above? Plus will you be able to find a reliable source for payment transfers? These are some questions that ought to be kept in mind. If you have all the above then you may actually be successful in this regard but as Mariah Moa says that content will most likely be available on the net for free so it's a big hustle to be honest.

Honestly speaking, Ads don't hurt if you manage to get yourself with Adsense, Yahoo! Bing Network Contextual Ads, or Tribal Fusion. Most of the times the ads will be relevant to the niche you cover and if it isn't they don't display ads. Plus they provide you with a good amount of revenue. CPC rates can range from $0.5 to $50 or above because most of the big organizations such as Microsoft are here. BUT with that comes strict content policies as well so keep in mind to read them too.

However, There is one other thing you can try. Bloggers and you can even say Artists use crowdfunding to fund their content and they can get a huge revenue of their work. Aaaand then again it's still dependent on the 2 factors listed above. However you can check out Patreon: Support the creators you love as it houses thousands of creators who get revenue by crowdfunding from their readers.

So that's pretty much the case, In the end the choice will be yours to take and honestly speaking though there is no harm with experimenting but the world goes by first impression sooo choose the best choice and then stick to it.

Good luck! ;)
What are your thoughts on this? Do you think a Read First Pay Later model can be successful?

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