Editor's App Recommendation - Killer Ant Empire: Retro Styled Strategic MMO

Umz Games' proud creation is Killer Ant Empire. Killer Ant Empire.

In the Game, players will be commanding an Ant Colony in which they'll set out foragers to go out and search for material that can convert into a goal. Meanwhile, you'll be raising your fighter Ants in order to keep your colony safe as well waging wars with predators. Sounds cool right?

Although many other strategy games though different from this one, have better graphics and textures and that's the only down point as far as I can make out. Although for some retro users it would be really appealing and a good time pass as well.

Check out some screenshots below from Google Play Store and Let us know what you think about Umz's 'killer' app in the comments.

Download the App from here and Stay tuned for our full review

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