Why You Shouldn't Buy An IPad Pro?

Apple's event this September was met with much fan hype as usual and a little laughter at the announcement of Apple Pencil I might add. The newly announced products include IPhone 6s, 6s Plus, IPad Mini 4, IPad Pro and a new version of Apple TV.
But the question arises, What's so fancy about the IPad Pro that's priced at $799?
The Answer in simple terms: Absolutely nothing.

Let's say for example you really need a laptop killer then you may perhaps look on going to the IPad Pro but what's there in IPad 4 that's not in Mini or Air except for the Apple Pencil of course.

While Apple may have put a lot of firepower in the IPad Pro with the A9X Cyclone processor but the question then again arises that is it enough to beat the Intel workhouse processors.
Furthermore, you are spending $799 on a Tablet which only gives 32 GB of storage and is only the basic WIFI model. The Wifi+Cellular one is way up at $1079. Even if you decide to chunk that much money, you should know that Apple doesn't supply a keyboard with the IPad Pro. Let's compare it with some laptops shall we?

I am going to compare the IPad Pro with a fairly mid-level Lenovo Z50. It contains an energy efficient Dual Core i7-4510U with 8 GB RAM and 1 TB HDD. The only thing that some users will complain is the missing dedicated GPU but let's take this laptop for corporate sector comparison. Let's say you are a journo or a researcher or an engineer, You need Microsoft Office and a fast keyboard with tactile feedback for quick computing. The latter keyboard part comes with an extra cost at your expensive. Furthermore you need a lot Hard disk space to store your data. The basic IPad has just 32 GB while the Lenovo houses a ginormous 1 TB HDD. If that's not reason enough, compare the prices of both devices. Lenovo Z50 is just $635, more than a hundred dollars less than the IPad Pro.

If you compare it with any other Tablet then the best competitor is the IPad Mini 4 itself containing almost everything that is in it's bigger sibling and for an even lesser price.

These are pretty much the reasons why I think you shouldn't spend your hard earned money on the IPad Pro. What about you? Do you think otherwise? Drop us a note in the comments.

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