Where is Google Headed in the world of Mobiles, VR and Wearables?

Last time we explored the likes of Samsung as well as a new Virtual Reality based start-up FOVE. In this part, we will analyze Google and where it stands in this fiscal year.

Google has gotten it's hands in almost every sector of this technology world. At one place it's the best search engine on the planet and on the other it's Android OS has the most market share in the world. And that's not all, Google is incharge of ensuring that your internet remains in top order. You can consider the backbone of your ISP. Let's see what Google is doing these days in the mobile and gadgets sector:
This article is Part 1 of the Editorial discussing about Google.

Mobile Sector - Android and Brillo

Google's Android OS is one of most used on the market yet the revenue stream is in favor on iOS even now. The reasons for that are the differences in marketing strategy. While Google looks for masses, iOS looks for a rich and returnable user. By returnable user I mean someone who will use and buy more of one's products or so. I am not trying to point out any positives or negatives here, because both approaches in themselves are really good and appealing to specific types of users.
You see Google earns from different revenue streams which have masses of people using(exclude Chromebook here) and can earn a sizeable portion of money from them. On the other hand, Apple releases only a handful of products but the hype and sales are always record breaking something I should like to say neither Samsung or Google can manage to achieve. But I believe it will in the future.
Google attempts to penetrate into the masses while Apple looks for returnable users
You see Google's plans are quite diverse than that of Apple and this is in reference to your Android OS. Right now Android is the heart of more than 70% smartphones in the world and who knows what next it'll be penetrating? With the advent of Internet of things and M2M, Brillo is already a step in this side. It's core is Android itself. On the other hand, Apple doesn't seem to have plans as for now for this sector.

Android OS gets some major features added to it each year. Over the years it has gone more simplistic and beautiful. It's like polishing a gem. Android 4.4 and 5.0 is a major step over the last periods but the latter one still has many performance bugs though. I can pretty much say that most of your electronic gadgets will be powered by one central OS which will be Android unless Microsoft has something to say about it. One OS could be powering microwaves, controlling robot maids in your house as well as a ton of other cool things as technology evolves.

Android TV is the next big thing

The most significant use of Android in the future will be in TVs. We are already seeing smart TVs becoming a norm but at this level they lack the features required. However Google will clearly be analyzing this segment and once they find the right opportunity they are going to step in and dominate. The likes of Chromecast may be good but a fully powered and functional Android TV which can also be used as a console as mobile gaming develops and evolves in the coming future.

Project Ara - The Revolution in Smartphones

For those who are unaware with Project Ara, I'll explain it in layman's terms. Project Ara will bring customization to smartphones. Just like you can upgrade your PC with a new GFX or CPU, you'll be able to swap core components of your phone and replace them with the ones you like. This can include cameras, processors or other chips. You can literally replace your phone components with the OS running(except for the battery of course).

Why is this so fancy now? You see once customization comes to smartphones, we'll be seeing more hardware manufacturers as well as new a completely new coverage segment for this very thing. Mobile gaming may perhaps actually replace console gaming IF this diversity comes at reasonable rates but it's gonna take a hell of a time. There would be websites such as ours covering the required information you need about your smartphone chipset and if it gets even more diverse, then perhaps we would be some dedicated Graphics chips as well. How cool is that?
Mobile gaming can actually replace console gaming IF this diversity comes at budget rates.
 With more hardware manufacturers specifically for mobile side, that would mean more competition and therefore rapid researches to improve ones hardware. With this happening we'll be seeing new features and incredible innovation within no time. All this can happen only if Project Ara becomes a reality and is commercialized well.
That's the first Part from us folks. Be sure to tune in next time for more exciting updates. 
Exclusive Editorial Part 1 - Where the world of Mobiles, VR and Wearables is headed?
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