Exclusive Editorial Part 1 - Where the world of Mobiles, VR and Wearables is headed?

We have witnessed the launch of Android M developer preview just recently. New software, new hardware coming in day by day and there is absolutely no end to all this. This rapid innovation often pops a question into everyone's mind, where is the tech world headed? What more can we achieve?

While its impossible to predict exactly what will happen in the next few years but in a series of posts, I'll put in my 2 cents of what developers, manufacturers will be looking forward to make in the future.

The posts will be general and may not be specifically related to mobiles but a broad representation of things I expect to happen in the future.

Firstly I'll divide the editorial into parts so that it can be a little easy for viewers to disect every article and get round to my point of view. First we take a trip to industrial California, where the headquarters of Apple Inc are located.

 Let's take a serious look at Apple's market share, Apple dominates Android in individual sales and every year whenever a new IPhone is about to launch, preorders go crazy and Apple's own beautiful and fast website crashes. Fact.

I am not here to debate about fanboys or its causes so leaving that aside, The question here is how long will this keep up? What will happen if it does or doesn't?

Apple releases a handful of products each year, starting from Macbook, iMac, Mac Pro, IPhones and the defunct IPods as well as IPads. This was Apple's 90% source of revenue till Apple Watch[Discussing this later]. So lets take a look at these products first.

IPhones we predict will be a constant source of revenue no matter what happens. IPhone 6s, 7, 7s(May the force be with you) and so on, they'll sell since people have trust in the "Apple" brand for reliability and long standing support.

Apple will be looking to make some great changes in its upcoming IPhones. the likes of Samsung and LG have already reached QHD displays while Apple have just embraced 1080p and Apple will be looking to fix this.

What new features do I expect and possibly want from them? For starters release phones within the adequate size say 4.7 to 5.2 and if you take into account interests, IPhone 6 has outclassed IPhone 6 Plus in its sales by a long distance and confirming most people's interest here. While I am not saying totally remove the phablet idea but the point here, introduce features and customize the iOS to suit the relevant size. Some things look better on bigger phones and some on smaller and that's technically what I want from Apple.

Moving on Macbooks, new Intel processors come each year and so do new Macbooks and each year they get even more uncomfortably slimmer. And that's just about it. If you are talking performance increase then if you, yourself are Mac user, you'll know that Macbook Pro from 2013 is as fast as the Macbook Pro now in practical performance and why you may ask? Well, its simple, Most people who purchase the Macbook are from business corporate sector and most Macbooks from 1-2 year back can do their job magnificently. Not like you purchase a Macbook for gaming right?

Keeping that in view, Macbook sales will also be driving along no matter what happens. Say not annually but alternate years or so should drive sales making Macbooks profitable.

Lets delve into the history of IPads shall we? We had perplexing, mixed responses but reviews were generally good with the IPad also getting one of the most popular devices awards too.

The rumor mill currently suggests that IPad Pro will have a 12 inches huge screen... which in my honest and humble opinion wouldn't be a great idea... Reason you may ask? IPad is a tablet and it should remain a tablet no matter how many times anyone will debate that it's a laptop killer, frankly it isn't.

Laptops and PCs aren't going anywhere anytime soon, changes will occur in them and soon they'll become profitable again in form or another.

IPads are a good source of Apple's fortunes but going to 12 inches would a deal killer. Instead they should focus on making the iOS better and put in more features plus performance. Apple was the first manufacturer to introduce 64 bit processors, we can't underestimate them on the performance at any rate.

In an era where smartphones have become a norm and the world of communication has gotten so fast that eliminates the need of IPods in this world. They were a big hit before as MP3 and entertainment but now they are useless as you can get an all-round smartphone for the same price and even less, it also does technically more.

While almost all of Apple's products have abnormally high prices at launch or so, Apple's first watch had a lot of expectations with it  and well, it was good but nothing award winning.

Apple Watch boosts a rectangular display(which I would like to say teenager suited but well..) with an 18 hours battery and much more. It's interface is somewhat confusing and is slow with communication with the IPhone and the lot.

All that aside, I believe Apple next watch will be the actual real attraction. Don't forget Apple does improve on its mistakes and then again, its Apple. Furthermore design wise, there isn't a such elegantly crafted piece of tech on the market yet.

Lets have a quick view at Apple's other products such as the iMac. Technically same situation is with the iMac as that of the Macbook. Mac Pro may mostly be used on mid end servers or workstation.
 That's all for this part mates, Be sure to tune in next time when we cover Samsung. Be sure to express your thoughts about Apple in the comments.
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