Infolinks Publisher Network Review

One of the biggest headaches of a website builder is getting the right advertising network that can pay him/her well. Even more frustrating the situation will be when his site doesn't get approved by one of the largest advertising networks to date. Yes, Gentlemen, I am talking about Adsense here.

What should one do in the case? Don't sit down and cry, go look out for suggestions. My first suggestion, especially for bloggers, is Infolinks.

Infolinks is a contextual advertising service that displays non-intrusive ads plus can get publishers a sizeable chunk of revenue alongside their current advertising platform. Even if you have Adsense, you can easily run them alongside and have another source of revenue.

Getting into the network is easy as they have lesser policy and requirements. Most publishers would easily get on to their platform.

While many other networks have banners, pop-ups etc. Infolinks make most of their money through text links which you can see here on our website at the moment. At max, a publisher can display 12 text link ads which are intelligently integrated into the site's CMS. Alongside that are "infold" which is the bottom banner, in-frame which appears on the sides of the screen and screen which is a pop-up ad which can be triggering on entry, exit or browsing of internal pages within the site. There is also a revenue booster option which displays ads below articles or the page, These ads are similar to the ones Taboola or provide.

The ads are customizable and their colours can be changed to make them match the layout of your respective website. Plus there is not much work that you need to do to here, just put the live code on your website and just focus on creating content. Infolinks will handle the rest.

I have been on this network for more than 6 months and as far as my analysis is to date, Infolinks will pay you heavily on US traffic which is almost exactly like any other network on the internet. But that doesn't mean they can't provide fill rates for other traffic, as long as you have a great number of international users, Infolinks will be your top revenue stream.

In-text is the core of Infolinks advertising platform and they shine at it. I have only one request to them that they also focus on creating a banner platform because they can earn a lot of money from the many many publishers that they have already. More and more people who get disapproved or suspended from Adsense always come here first for a reliable stream of revenue. Integrating banner ads would help them and the ones in need get more revenue plus in my opinion, an even better fan following.

That being said, Infolinks is one the best advertising networks available on the market. It's one of the best networks to have your existing one because it's non-intrusive and pays well plus the ads are also good. My recommendation is that you try them out because there is nothing to lose here, you only get a good revenue stream if your site has the required amount of traffic and content.

Summing up:

  • Best In-text Advertising
  • Non-intrusive ads
  • Runs easily alongside other networks
  • Should include banner ads
Rating: 4/5 Stars

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