How to Improve a Laptop for Gaming? 6 Considerations

Some laptops are not that great for gaming, especially when you compare them to custom-built PCs. It also does not help if you have a relatively old model that tends to crash or freeze.

Since video games, particularly recent ones, require high system requirements, it is expected that you will experience FPS drops and other technical issues.

A lackluster experience leads to doubts, and for some, the only sensible solution is to replace their current laptop with a new one.

While this option is worth considering, you should not give up on your current laptop that easily. No, there are ways to optimize the laptop you have right now and still enjoy gaming on it.

System Downgrades

It might seem counterintuitive, but degrading an operating system version can do a lot of good to the computer. According to, downgrading an OS is not that difficult.

Going back to an older version, you can expect to experience better performance on a computer. Sometimes, a new OS version could cause problems, and there is no telling when developers will release a hotfix.

Since the goal is to optimize the device for optimal performance and enjoy video games, do not treat OS downgrades as a stupid suggestion but rather as a method you come up with while thinking outside the box.

Dust Inside

The dust inside a laptop is a hindrance that will not disappear by itself. No, you need to keep an eye on the computer's temperature and the noise levels coming from the internal fans.

Overheating and unbearable noise indicates that there is a serious issue with the dust inside your laptop, but you should not wait until you notice these two things.

Cleaning the dust might lead to some reluctance because you are uncertain about your knowledge of laptop hardware. Taking the device apart is risky but necessary if you want to clean it thoroughly.

Perhaps it might be better to leave the work in the hands of a professional. Most computer service shops charge a small fee to clean the dust inside computers.

Whether you are going to do it yourself or leave the task to someone else is not important. What matters is that the laptop has to be dust-free.

Drive Clutter

Expecting to play games on a laptop that has barely any free storage left on the drive is a waste of time. Considering how much space video games require these days, it is to be expected that you will encounter problems with the drive, especially if you want to keep multiple games on the laptop simultaneously.

The drive clutter should be another priority when you are trying to optimize your computer. Try your best to free up the storage by deleting unnecessary data. Also, if you find yourself having too many files that you do not wish to remove permanently, move them to external storage.

A hard drive or a USB flash stick is fine to use, and if you want a more digital approach, then stick to iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, and other cloud services.

Background Processes

The resource hogs that are running in the background could be one of the biggest causes behind poor computer performance. You need to check Activity Monitor (macOS) or Task Manager (MS Windows) and figure out whether you can quit some of the running processes.

The fewer background items on the laptop there are, the more resources your device can dedicate to video games, which leads to improved performance.

Sure, there might be some exceptions, such as work software that you need to run all the time or an antivirus tool, but if an app in the background is running for no reason, it makes no sense to have it around, right?


As mentioned just before, antivirus software is one of the exceptions when it comes to background processes.

You need a reliable tool that scans the system constantly and eliminates detected threats. These days, users are more tech-savvy and are aware of potential viruses and all that, but it is still better to be safe than sorry.

Make sure that your laptop is not getting slowed down by malware. Even relatively small viruses can snowball and cause significant issues to the device, and it goes without saying that it affects the gaming experience.

Plus if you are relying on cheating software, it is important to know which one is reliable and which isn't. For example, EngineOwning offers Warzone Spoofer which can assist you if you have your laptop hardware banned by any game. It's important to properly analyse which software you are going to use if you intend to cheat, otherwise you will end up getting malware on your PC.

Hardware Upgrades

Upgrading hardware on a laptop is not as simple as upgrading it on a custom-built desktop computer. In addition, some brands, such as MacBooks, are pretty much not upgradable.

Despite restrictions, however, you can still make some adjustments so long as your laptop is compatible.

For example, you could add extra RAM and get an external GPU. Replacing an outdated hard drive with a solid-state drive is also a popular option.

Besides hardware, certain laptop accessories could also be worth a shout. A cooling pad, for instance, is great for maintaining the device's temperature low. Gaming mice and keyboards are great alternatives to the trackpad and an integrated keyboard.

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