8 Fun Video Games You Should Play as a MacBook Owner

Even if MacBooks are not the go-to option for video game enthusiasts, it does not mean that you should not consider gaming on the device.

As a MacBook owner, you might not have access to the exclusives of gaming consoles, and expecting to run AAA games on ultra settings is also out of the question. However, there are plenty of games that run on macOS just fine.

Back in the day, this was not the case because of relatively weak MacBook hardware. Video game developers did not bother optimizing their games for macOS. But things have changed. Now, the hardware is there to support video games. And even if one encounters the problem with the battery or other aspect of the computer now and then, they are rare and are pretty easy to solve.

Below, you will find a list of some of the best video games from the last decade or so that are fine to play on a Mac.


Let's start with a video game that is still on many people's lips despite being out for a couple of years.

Hades excels in its storytelling, soundtrack, characters, writing, and pretty much everything you expect from a video game.

Zagreus, the protagonist of the story, tries to escape Hades, a domain ruled by his father. The combat system is enjoyable and does not get repetitive after multiple attempts. Replayability is also there as the game poses new challenges to the player. Not to mention achievement hunting for completionists.

Disco Elysium

Disco Elysium is not a traditional RPG. There is no combat, and the player has to focus on their choices and skill checks to advance in the story.

If you have been looking for something fresh and out of the ordinary, then this title should be one of the first on your list.

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Stardew Valley

Sometimes, taking a change of pace and relaxing without worries is what a player wants. Stardew Valley offers an addictive but enjoyable experience as you become a farmer and start your journey towards becoming a recognized figure in the game's world.

One of the things that many players find fun about this game is the fact that there is no end to it. In other words, you cannot really beat Stardew Valley as there is endless progress you can achieve.

Farming Simulator

Continuing with the theme of farms, Farming Simulator is another video game on the list. It is a different take on the activity with a heavy focus on modern machinery. You also are more active in this game despite the fact that it is called a simulator.

The Farming Simulator franchise releases new games regularly, with its latest installment becoming available in November 2021.


Valve hardly releases new video games, but when they do, it is usually a hit rather than a miss. These days, the company is more into developing various platforms and investing in technologies, which is not a surprise given how popular that is lately.

Sticking to the classics is still a good option if you want to check what Valve has developed. And both Portal and Portal II are the games that more people need to play.

Solving puzzles and enjoying the somewhat dark humor of the series is something you need to get into, but when you do, you will appreciate the genius that is Portal video games.

Hollow Knight

Hollow Knight is one of those video games that do not hold your hand while you explore the game's world and its mysteries.

Early on, players might feel lost, but that is natural given how this particular video game was developed.

The atmosphere, the gameplay, the story, and the combat are Hollow Knight's biggest strengths. And if you like the first game, there is a sequel waiting for you.

Ori and the Blind Forest

Ori and the Blind Forest is arguably one of the best games visually. The soundtrack also enhances the player experience thanks to the ambient sounds.

The game itself might seem pretty simple at first, but as you progress through it, you will notice the difficulty getting harder with each zone jumping into intricacies of solving puzzles and beating enemies.

Once you are finished with Ori and the Blind Forest, you should jump to the sequel, titled Ori and the Will of the Wisps.


Battle Royale games are not doing as well these days, but there is still a lot of enjoyment to be found in them.

Fortnite is the go-to option, though some players might be put off by the game's graphics. Visuals look like something that belongs in a mobile game rather than one you would play on a computer, but it should not be too bothersome once you play a few games and get used to the graphics.

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