Pixel’s Unknown Battle Grounds: Battle Royale but with Legos!

Are you a battle royale fan, who has grown tired of the cliche battle royale? Ever imagined, how would a lego battle royale look? Well, look no further, we bring to you battle royale but with a twist. Pixel’s Unknown Battle Grounds, is a battle royale game featuring pixelated legos. 

Seemingly a hybrid between PUBG & Minecraft, this game sure made people curious enough to play it. The game features three modes: Battle Royale, Team Battle & Zombie mode, each mode comes bearing its unique set of characteristics supported by a unique game-play.

At the start of each game, you jump out of a helicopter and parachute down onto a deserted island. Where you’ll need to act upon your survival instincts to kill or to be killed, in the hopes of being the last & only survivor who rose to victory. However, f your initial strategy was to hide until the very end and rise to victory by killing the only survivor left other than you then you’ll definitely have to re-strategise because the playing field will continue to shrink on the map with each passing second. Either way, you’ll be forced into close confines with your opponents until there’s only one of you standing.

The mysterious island, on which you land comprises different sectors that are waiting to be explored by you. Each section of Pixel’s Uknown Battle Ground’s island has a different theme. Some of these features beautifully animated areas which are there for you to explore including jungles, mountains and a dead zone which has been infected by radiation.

If we talk about the graphics then instead of expecting a rather realistic approach in terms of graphics, Pixel’s Unknown Battle Ground features an island and a roster of characters that are actually made up of oversized pixels and at first glance, you’ll feel a sense of deja vu as they seem to be Minecraft inspired. I didn’t really like the graphics much & to be honest for someone who enjoys playing battle royale, this was a major turn off. It further even sets off the entire vibe of the game and if you’re not a fan of legos, then you might even not continue playing the game.

But still, all is not lost, the game offers a live chat feature, which obviously you’ll find in other competitive better royale games as well with far better & realistic graphics. So, what’s new with the live chat feature here? The distinguishing factor with the live chat feature here is that, while other survival or first-person shooter games allow you to chat with just your team, here you can chat with your opponent as well, just be sure not to give your competition any clues to your location.

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In terms of the controls, while playing Pixel’s Unknown Battle Ground, you don’t have to worry about pushing a trigger down as the auto shooting feature does the work for you, whilst you’re running or hiding, simply line your shot up and your chosen weapon will automatically shoot your target.

While you may have driven a golf cart in Fortnite and a car or bike in PUBG, in terms of combat vehicle in Pixel’s Uknown Battle Ground you’ll be able to get behind the wheel of an armoured tank.

All in all, if you’re looking for a brand new battle royale game to play with a pixelated version of Fortnite or PUBG, it’s well worth checking out Pixel’s Unknown Battle Ground.


  • Multiplayer
  • Mobile version


  • Not everyone's cup of tea


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