The Walking Dead - Survivors Review: Survive the Zombie Apocalypse & Save the World!

Ever wonder, what will you do if zombies were to take over, leaving behind you as the only survivor of this zombie apocalypse? Would you be the front runner in eradicating all the zombies? Or would you prefer staying hidden in a vault & waiting for death to approach you slowly?

The crux of this portrayal is, the very interesting game we’re about to discuss. So, if you’re someone who enjoys pondering about such questions while having a real-life hands-on experience with them, obviously via a game then we’ve got just the game for you folks! 

The Walking Dead - Survivors, sets foot in a zombie inflicted world, where you’re only instinct should either be to kill or to be killed. YES, it is a fight for survival, that too of the fittest. Strategise your survival & kill zombies.

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Experience the original story in a post-apocalyptic world with more than eighty original characters such as Rick, Glen, Michonne & more. The Walking Dead - Survivors also has a new tower defence game mode that offers a real-time strategy where every decision counts. You can build your defences with traps, roots, structures & customise your town’s layout to build the perfect defence against incoming hordes of brainless zombies or as the game calls them walkers.

In order to experience an interesting game-play, the game requires to be played smartly for survival as every action you take can either save your life or allow walkers to ruin your city & burn it to the ground. 

The game-play sets the tone of exploring the unknown from your fight with the walkers to your search for other survivors to accompany you in your journey, you’re going to encounter classic characters & build yourself a camp with a strong defence system. You can also establish your clan and devise a strategy to make sure that your town hall is continuously progressing in levels. 

The game also features some big, long-running events that take place within the game and are focused on enhancing your gaming experience. As you level up and go deep into the gameplay, your base gets expanded your chances of strengthening your defence system even further increase. One of the ways to strengthen your defence system against walkers that attack your base is to upgrade the walls around your campsite. While the upgrade does take its sweet time, being in a clan speeds up the process, as it allows you to request help from fellow clan members whenever required.

Additionally, you can also team up with fellow players to build a clan and construct various clan buildings across the region as you conquer new lands. Strengthening your forces to defeat the walkers by exploring the territories around your settlement is the key to unlocking new locations, characters, items, resources & even learning more about your in-game world.

In an attempt to strengthen your forces against the walkers, the game allows you to train out different types of troops as you level up, these include riders, brutes like Spide Bat Combatant or the archer units that get trained in the police station. These get progressively better & you unlock stronger units as you level up through the game.

Let’s dive a little deeper into the survivors. Now, each survivor is a pillar of the base and comes bearing a unique skillset e.g. Rick, he’s a combat survivor who focuses on fighting walkers. You can use his skills in settlement siege to boost the attack power of survivors within range. Similarly, there Michonne, who’s a fierce combat survivor who wields her trusty katana, but this isn’t just it. There are around 80 such unique survivors that can prove to be an asset to your base.

The graphics and animation are super cool and something to keep you hooked to your screens. The world map allows you to attack other bases, which wins you massive loots, gain rewards and helps you to progress & gain more power in the game to pull your settlement at a stronger level.

Overall, the walking dead survivors offer fun strategic game-play & feature fan-favorite characters for players to recruit. Everything here is life or death & on top of that the divides a rather interesting storyline into chapters & the path your story takes depends on the choice you make along the way.


  • Interesting gameplay
  • Impressive graphics


  • In-app purchases
  • Singleplayer game



CPU: Snapdragon 660 Octa Core 2.2 GHz or equivalent

GPU: Kyro 260 or equivalent


Storage: 1GB

OS: iOS 9/Android 6.0 and up

Phone: iPhone 8/Samsung Galaxy S10 or equivalent


  • This is a demanding app.
  • Your phone should have these or equivalent specs to run the app smoothly.
  • Requirements are predicted and could be bound to change as more data becomes available.
  • You are encouraged to express your feedback below. 
  • Please use our resource only as a guideline and if you spot any errors let us know.

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