Angel Saga: Hero Action Shooter RPG Review - Into the mystic dungeons

 A role-playing game set in the depths of an underground satanic world. Fighting the evil to find nirvana. It's your chance to dive deep into the mystic world. 

Angel Saga Hero action shooter RPG starts with a basic storyline taking you deep down into the dungeons of the evil realm. A summoner accidentally summons an angel to this satanic universe. The angel named Myel is oblivious to this dark place. We play her and experience the great escape action-adventure.

Now to get back to the heavens, she needs to go through a series of challenges. The plot of the game is divided into many chapters. The chapter is a web of challenging mazes to choose from. The arena for a chapter is a layer-on-layer floor with attacking monsters on all the storeys. Each chapter has up to 15 floors. The game offers a great collection of 60 magical skills. You have to dodge the arrows and attacks of the dark wizards and hit back with your mystical powers.

Angel Saga hero action shooter has an interesting progress map. It is an interconnected web of levels. Some levels upgrade you, others are bonus levels to equip you with skills and subskills. You can start anywhere and choose any path as it all ends in one final chapter that teleports the angel up to the heavens.   

The strengths of Angel Saga: Hero Action Shooter RPG

The best part of the game is the incredibly smooth gameplay it has. You just have to control the movements. When still, the angel shoots by itself. The key feature of every run and hit game is its smooth controls. The game is supreme at it with its easy-to-play one-finger operation. 

Angel Saga hero shooter has a small square platform floor and a portal that takes you up to the next floor. As you achieve a higher level, the platform is filled with fire and thorn ditches. This further lessens the movement space making it even more challenging. 

It has an intuitive control system with quite stimulating gameplay. You need to strategize your movement else you'd be cornered and would die. Since it's challenging, it keeps you interested throughout.

The game offers an overwhelming variety of skills and subskills. As your abilities increase, the demons and bosses get tougher as well. It keeps hard-core players hooked as they try to gear up. 

Initially, you enter the game with basic shooting skills. As you advance, you get more interesting mystic skills and also get to use a combination of skills. By killing enough bosses, you get to regain your health and acquire healing capabilities. 

The gameplay isn't interrupted at every level up. You can keep moving headways as long as you survive. It only stops when you've been attacked thrice. This linear progress keeps you captivated. 

The weaknesses of Angel Saga: Hero Action Shooter RPG

It requires some app downloads to run, which is weird for a simple free-to-play game. You need to download google play games to launch Angel Saga hero shooter RPG. The in-app purchases don't overcharge, so it won't be draining your wallet. Nevertheless, it forces you to watch some long ads to unlock legendary chests. This gets a little annoying. 

Another problem many have faced is frequent crashing. Though I had a pretty smooth experience. But many players complain that the game crashes every 10 minutes or the screen goes black with the music still running.

Suggested Improvements for Angel Saga: Hero Action Shooter RPG

The developers could improve the graphics to give a further realistic experience to the players. An aesthetically pleasing interface would bring in more audience.The weapons cause very little damage to the bosses. It takes a long time and a whole lot of shots to finally kill the monster. Giving more power to the angel would speed up the game a little.  

The game crashes on a lot of devices. This should be fixed immediately. The gameplay could be the best, but if the game crashes every few minutes, no one is gonna come back. Just a few fixes and it’s good to go.  

Angel Saga: hero action shooter RPG is a smartly developed fun game that would keep you engaged with its mystic themes and smooth gameplay. A well-balanced monetization with a solid storyline. On top of that, it's light on your phone. This one is definitely a must-try. 


Ratings: 4.5/5


  • Smooth and easy-to-use controls
  • Challenging gameplay
  • Good storyline


  • Additional downloads 
  • Crashes on many devices


CPU: Snapdragon 835 Octa Core 2.5 GHz or equivalent

GPU: Mali-G71 MP20 or equivalent


Storage: 172 MB

OS: iOS 8/Android 4.0 and up

    Phone: iPhone 6/Samsung Galaxy S8 or equivalent


  • This is a demanding app.
  • Your phone should have these or equivalent specs to run the app smoothly.
  • Requirements are predicted and could be bound to change as more data becomes available.
  • You are encouraged to express your feedback below. 
  • Please use our resource only as a guideline and if you spot any errors let us know.

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