Thinking About Doing A Business? Keep Thinking

Don't just think, act!

Ask yourself this, What makes a business successful?

We often wonder regarding this question and when we look at some well-established companies, we try to follow the model which their founders adopted. Countless hours spent on reading e-books and searching the web for some magic tool they used to become famous.

But have we considered bringing uniqueness within ourselves? Why do our minds only look at the brighter side of the picture? Look at the hardships they faced too.

Don't become another Bill Gates or Steve Jobs or whatever. Be yourself, it is the only way your name will be remembered like these two personalities.

You know, we have a perceptive mindset yet we fail to look at the obvious. Most people enter the business market thinking that they will earn a lot. They day dream regarding what they will be after their business has been well established. They have a million customers and fans, the CEO doesn't have time to answer press queries.

But my dear friend, you have to at least start the business before you think about the fame. Couple that with countless sleepless nights and getting mocked by people who can't create their own startup and they are jealous of you.

Killer Ideas Are Useless Inside Your Head

Face it, we all have ideas regarding our awesome business. Some want to make an app, others want to set up their own store and later turn that into a megamall. But what is the point if you just keep that to yourself?

You got an idea, you got a mindmap and a hypothesis. Now write the idea down somewhere. You got that done, now write down two to three steps which will help you bring your idea to life. And the next day, after you have left your college or workplace, go online and research about it. When that is done and you have realized that there are a million copies of your idea already in the business, go back to the drawing board.
This is a fact you know. There is a very rare chance that the idea you are thinking about hasn't already been executed. Unless the market is new and unexploited. Your idea has already been used by a numerous number of people who did it, put effort into making it the best in the business, made money from it, sold it and moved onto something else and will repeat the process.
But doesn't mean you should back down. Take the web, for instance, there are a million other blogs out there yet slowly and steadily I am pursuing mine too. And here you are, reading my rant on businesses to help you strike a pose. Take yourself by the collar, and work on making your startup a reality.

If You Aren't Consistent, Then Stop Right Here

Okay, just because you think you can repeat a 9 to 5 work routine for five days a week, doesn't mean you'll be able to do the same for your business. The crucial thing for making your startup stand out requires that you be consistent. Being consistent requires that you be as much dedicated to yourself as you are to your current boss.

You set up a goal that on each Wednesday night, you will create a new video for your YouTube channel. Wednesday night arrives and you see that your family is having fun whereas you are about to lock yourself in a dark room somewhere in the house...
Maybe if I just delay it for another day......
And the drama continues until that little enthusiasm you had is wasted away. Good luck with your current job now.

I Am Gonna Do It This Way Because A Nobody Said So

You just spent an hour creating a banner for your Facebook page. Then you show it to some friend of yours, who you think will praise your work, but it turns out the opposite. You go back to the drawing board, all the goals you had planned for the next day will have to be shifted forward. 
 Next day he is gonna tell you to close down your business, will you do that too?
 Look we all need to improve ourselves by listening to criticism but that doesn't mean we completely abandon the project we spent hours on. If that somebody who says that your work sucks, well, tell him to show you how it can be done better. The only person who will do that is the one who has experience in that. If he doesn't, he doesn't want you to succeed.

There is a huge chance that the work you did requires only minor edits. Nobody becomes an expert on their first try, we fail and we start up again. It's a process of learning and the one from which you will actually learn the skills required to make your business successful.

Unless someone has a strong reason to reject your work, don't listen to them. It's pointless and will waste your time for nothing.

With that, I end my short rant regarding the problems we have regarding our businesses or should I say business ideas? What is the problem keeping you from making your own startup?

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