Google Paid Apple $3 Billion To Remain Its Default Search Engine

It's not easy to retain the number one spot in any field and Google knows that very well. Bing and the gang have been gaining market share bit by bit and Google has been making strides to make sure it remains dominant as ever.

Here is a hint of what they do, around $3 billion have been paid to Apple just for keeping them as a default search engine on iOS and other devices. This complies with Apple's policies of sharing the revenue which Google makes from its platforms.

Currently, Google has 77% market share and handles approximately 4,464,000,000 searches every day. Around 110 Billion searches are from mobile along so it's fair to see Google paying this much to Apple. Another fact, Google is more or less likely the second biggest contributor to Apple's growth in the Services segment.

This report comes from a Bernstein analyst who extrapolated $1 billion paid by Google to the span of three years, till date that is. If Google doesn't change the deal, then they better be ready to cash even heavier cheques for years to come.

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