Plot Twist - Apple's Upcoming Flagship is iPhone 6SE Not 7

After writing about all those rumors and news regarding the performance, design and dual camera setup, as well as even finalizing a round up on the supposed iPhone 7, a new report comes up saying that Apple will be naming their upcoming flagship will be iPhone 6SE. Way to ruin all my hardwork!

This new report comes from They said that this upcoming version will not be getting significant design changes therefore it will not earn the title of iPhone 7. Rather they will name 6SE. This has been proved in my previous post where you cannot easily distinguish between the designs of iPhone 6S and this upcoming flagship.

This report begs to question that Apple is losing faith in its own product or struggling to innovate iPhones on time nowadays. With falling sales everywhere(including Apple), it would be interesting to see how this variant turns out. The only considerable changes till now are a new processor; Apple A10 and Dual Camera setup with lossless optical zoom. You also have the exclusion of headphone jack which many users till now have denounced despite it may make the iPhone thinner.

You should take this report with a pinch of salt however, there were no packaging photos or anything in particular to support their claims.

If you are interested to hearing about everything we know about the upcoming iPhone then go here. What are your thoughts on the name change rumor?

Source: TechnoBuffalo, Apple 

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