iPhone 7 Is An iPhone 6s and iPhone 7 Plus Is An iPhone 7 With 5.5 Inches Display

The leaks are in coming in fast and it's getting a bit hard to control. A bunch of new pictures from our reliable source showcase the design of the iPhone duo from the front and back.

The iPhone 7 duo will be powered by Apple A10, having 32GB minimum storage, improved water resistance and inclusion of Dual Lens camera on the iPhone 7 Plus. Let's take a look at the frontal design of the new phones:

No surprises here, the front is typically a lot similar to the iPhone 6s Plus but by the looks of it, Apple isn't dropping the mechanical home button. This leaked picture is of the iPhone 7 Plus which is rumored to be featuring a 5.5inches display. Still however it is pretty hard to tell whether Apple has excluded the headphone jack or not.

This is the iPhone 7 Plus from the sides. You can see holes at the bottom which critics say is for a smart connector. These first appeared in the iPad Pro but personally we have no ideas what use it would be for.  Smart connector is generally used to provide power to other accessories but devices that have it first have ginormous battery themselves.

Secondly, you can see the dual camera again which is exclusive for the iPhone 7 Plus. The sides seem to have gotten even more slimmer and the volume buttons are also visible here.

Thirdly, there is no mute switch on this side of the phone but it is visible clearly in the base iPhone 7 whose picture can be seen below. Perhaps Apple is killing it for the iPhone 7 Plus?

If I were to be ironic here then I would remark that it looks exactly like the iPhone 6s. The only noticeable difference here is the bigger camera sensor as purported in an earlier leak from the same source. There is also no white line below the camera sensor plus the flash has gotten a lot more smaller which is kinda odd considering it would adversely affect photography.

There is no Smart Connector on this one, the back is fairly clean I should add. The mute switch is also clearly visible on the sides alongside the volume buttons which is not included in the iPhone 7 Plus as seen above. That is some distinction between the 2 models.

So that is pretty much for today. What are your thoughts regarding the iPhone 7 duo judging from these leaks? Drop a note in the comments.
Source: Nowhere Else 
Credit: Mac Rumors

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