iPhone 7's Performance Is A Massive 16% Better Than iPhone 6s

In my last post, I was pretty much disappointed with the design of iPhone 7 since there is negligible difference between it and iPhone 6s according to our sources. But a new benchmark has surfaced on the interwebs which details the performance difference between the new and former flagship and I must say, I am fairly impressed.

Without further ado, here is the leaked Geekbench Chart:

Okay so here are the entire benchmark scores from Apple A4 to the purported Apple A10 and an inclusion of Apple A9X which is used in the iPad Pro. Clearly there has been a huge performance boost from 2519 to almost dethroning the Apple A9X. Bear in mind, iPad Pro was supposed to be a laptop competitor and if the A10 can offer performance pretty close to it, then we are looking at a mighty beast here.

From this chart, I think we can all conclude that the Apple A10 will be a Dual Core Chipset possibly clocked at 2.1 GHz and paired with a relevant M10 Co-processor. Such a huge boost in Single core performance is an indicator that the iPhone 7 could give the Note7 a run for it's money when it launches. The performance boost is predictable since this is a non-x processor and new series, therefore improvements in the innard hardware have to be significant.

What are your thoughts on this leaked chart? Do you think the Apple A10 is performing up to the mark? Let us know!
Source: Tech Tastic

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