Our Predictions And Everything We Know About The iPhone 7 So Far

Apple's upcoming flagship will make its debut in September this year. Rumors are flowing in quite fast and I reckon it is a pretty good time to do a summation of all rumors and dissect them into sections relevant to us.

Bear in mind, the following data is based on rumors, speculations and predictions. Nothing is official.

Performance - Apple A10

iPhone 7 will equip the latest chipset from the manufacturer. Apple 10 will be paired with a specific MX co-processor where X is the model number. This will be a Dual Core clocked at 2.1 GHz approximately and will offer performance near to the iPad Pro. We are talking about a massive 16% performance boost based on the recent single core benchmark leaks. This most likely puts it on par with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 which was released awhile back.

This performance boost is justified in the sense that this is a "non-S" version of the iPhone and if you take a look at the above mentioned benchmark chart, there is always significant boost in performance when a new non-S version is released. Only exceptional case was when the iPhone 5s was launched which had a 64-Bit processor. RAM will most likely be bumped up to 3GB for this variant.

Design and Outlook - Renaissance Or Old Is Gold?

Based on the rumors we have so far, I pretty described the upcoming duo as: iPhone 7 Is An iPhone 6s and iPhone 7 Plus Is An iPhone 7 With 5.5 Inches display.

It's true, if you take a look around at the pictures given below, there are some changes in the design but it is very hard to differentiate the iPhone 7 with the iPhone 6s. The noticeable changes are no headphone jack, exclusion of mute button and re-arrangement of antenna lines and design on the back. Mechanical home button still exists plus the iPhone 7 Plus will have a Dual Camera and no mute switch.

The design will be metal back. iPhone 7 will most likely have a 4.7 inches AMOLED screen with 1920 by 1080 pixels resolution. Whereas the iPhone 7 Plus will have a 2560 by 1440 pixels resolution.

Storage is being bumped up. The options will be as follows: 32GB/128GB/256GB

Colors will be: Rose Gold, Space Black, Blue or Grey.

Camera - The Dual Era

It is very likely that this time the iPhone 7 Plus will feature a Dual Camera. iPhone 7 will most likely have a 3MP front camera and 12MP rear camera. On the other hand, iPhone 7 Plus will have a Dual Sensor. The size of the lens will also be increased.

Pricing Points

My prediction is that the iPhone's price will be around:
  • iPhone 7 32GB - $849
  • iPhone 7 Plus 32GB - $949
  • iPhone 7 128 GB - $949
  • iPhone 7 Plus 128GB - $1049
  • iPhone 7 256GB - $1049
  • iPhone 7 Plus 256GB - $1149
More info will be added in due time. In the meantime, what are your thoughts about the upcoming iPhone 7 and 7 Plus? Let us know.

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