After Pokemon Go, Can We Get A Digimon AR Game Please?

Insane jogging, bumping into one another, over running gyms and you gotta catch em all. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you Pokemon Go. A game that is running because of Pokemons. You say it is crap yet you are addicted to it. There is another similar thing but that can't be mentioned now.

So basically it is exactly eleven days after the initial launch of Pokemon Go in the US. And the results so far, critics had viewed the game as good but not exceptional. The general user response and reception disapproved. Not only is the game is being used to help you exercise as well as helping depression patients. You could jog around 20+ kilometres in search of pokemons around your locality and also be a maniac.

And this guy says it's the end of the world:

And there is more from where that came from...

So what made Pokemon Go tick?

Before Pokemon Go, people were all virtual reality. It is the boom of the present and augmented reality will come later on. Take for example Microsoft, their researches are going as far as to touch objects in VR. And then Pokemon Go arrived and Satya Nadella himself said that it compliments the user environment which Hololens wants to provide. Primary focus is business here and who knows how it would benefit the average user.

Coming back to Pokemon Go, basically the popularity of the game is because of:


The app allows you to catch real Pokemons. Evolve them and take over gyms and more. Pretty much ending the trading card game era right here. And while efficiently doing that, the game allows you to explore the city you live. Take for example Sonia from Dawn, who scouted Karachi to catch em all.
The branding of the app is really significant. Number of journalists and some friends of mine have stated that there are some apps available which are pretty similar but aren't successful just because of the branding, Ingress is the biggest example. It's true, Pokemon has been very successful from the very start. If you think that this is wrong, then be amazed to know that this game is more popular than GTA V, Battlefield 1, Minecraft and Electronic Entertainment Expo combined.

Portability Meets Power

Their are a number of reasons why people shy away from VR. Pricing, Bulky headsets and wiring crisscrossing here and there. Personally I want the headsets to be wireless even if it looks like that I am wearing a TV on my head. Niantic went pretty smart in their approach with this app. For starters they released the app for free plus targeted it for segment on which an average spends most of his time on. You just need a simple smartphone to play Pokemon Go. A device which almost everyone in the world. This is really clever thinking on their part.

Augmented Reality

This the first and most popular project in Augmented Reality. Most people didn't know that it even existed. Congratulations now you know how it feels like. This game will jump start the race in developing apps for AR, Satya himself said that it compliments the area which Hololens will target as well. There is a whole list of manufacturers which have started using it which include the likes of vehicle manufacturers Audi, Volkswagen to house furnishers and more. Hololens is on a completely different level and one can only imagine the change it might bring if it is commercialized properly.

So Where Are Digimons?

Right well, we all know the best competitor to Pokemon Go at this stage would be Digimon. Plus if we let a single title dominate the market despite the level of goodness it has would bring some terrible repercussions. For example they could increase the ingame app prices. Add another fact that only Digimon has the brand awareness and popularity to match up to that level of Pokemons plus both of them have comparable similarities.

So if a developer takes up this project and successfully executes it with prior permission from the publisher, I don't think there is anything to prevent it from matching the level of Pokemon Go. Plus we need something to keep it in top order as well as force them to take out glitches and implement new features.

And it necessarily doesn't have to be digimons, there will be a ton of other innovative concepts because this app's success will inspire other developers to take on AR as a profession and come up with ideas of their own. In essence, Pokemon Go has jump started AR and now get ready for an influx of apps coming your way.

So that is pretty much from me, how has your experience been with Pokemon Go so far? Any potential competitor in your mind right now? Let us know!

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