Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Start Learning App Development Right Now

Mobile is a big platform and it's still growing. Rapidly and probably impossible to predict where it'll be in the next few years. However we did breakdown Samsung and Apple's stand in 2015 in our previous editorials, this one is focused on why you should start learning App development right now.

App development is a big and diverse platform with many big players dominating it. But that's absolutely no reason why you couldn't be up there yourself if you put in hardwork. Believe me if you carefully analyze the reasons below, you'll understand that App development is no child's play anymore.

5. App Development Learning is Really Easy

You think you can't learn to code? Think again, there are dozens of courses online that can help you learn. You have Google itself pushing out it's APIs for everyone to build on it's Android platform, what else do you really need? They got step by step tutorials about how you can execute your first Hello World app and it's a piece of cake! Think about it, they got guides explaining every line of code you need build your first app whether it's minor or major both of them work.

4. There Is No Downside on App Development Learning

The courses you take are going to help you out in almost every field of IT. You'll be able to execute apps not only on smartphones and tabs but wearables such as smartwatches as well and the futuristic Android TV or Apple TV too.
The courses are really simple. Say one class a day, you don't need to learn much if you are not interested. Say take a short course every day or on alternate days. This way you'll learn most of the coding easily.

3. Apps Can Generate A Lot of Revenue

It's about concept. Your app design doesn't have to be major. Check out apps such as Candy Crush, Subway Surfers and Talking Tom etc. You could basically execute iterations of these apps and earn a fortune while keeping overall design simple. The idea is the main thing these apps are now hit. Candy Crush itself earns more than 2 million dollars a day! Think about this figure carefully.
Analyze and think of an idea and focus on that. Check out our review of an indie Game developer here and check out his suggestions.

2. You could start your own business.

Once your apps start hitting fortunes, you could have your own business and even start making apps for others while taking a sizeable portion of their fortunes or anything that satisfies you. You will be your own boss and working at your own schedule.

1. App Development is the Present and Future! One of the best Professions on Market.

You don't need a degree to enter this diverse market. All you need is some determination and the will to learn. There are thousands of courses online that can help you learn app development be it major or minor.

Mobile is a huge platform and you can earn a lot from it if you try. That's all you need. Teenagers even learn to code and earn a huge fortune. Why? Innovative Ideas. Yahoo itself has purchased a news app from a 17-year-old for $30 Million. 

Obviously you'll have a great idea for something you wanna make. That requires some hard work but believe me, if you enter this field there are no regrets at all.

Programming Language Recommendations:

You should start your app development courses on Android by these 2 Languages below:
  • Android Studio
  • Unity 3D
I reckon you should first build an for Android and then go to iOS because Google charges only $25 one time for submission to the App Store while it's $99 a year for the latter. However, even if you opt for iOS, there shouldn't be any regrets since both have a very large community.
That's basically from us folks, Let us know what you think about App Development and your thoughts about it in the comments below!

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