Important Announcements at WWDC 2015: iOS 9

Apple has been busy and it has announced quite a bit at this year's Worldwide Developer Conference. From the announcement of iOS 9 to OS X EL Capitan, there are a bit lengthy but we'll cut them up in Digestible chunks for you.

iOS 9:

iOS 9 will be available this fall. It'll bring a variety of changes and proudly described by Apple's head honchos' as a "game changer." iOS 9 will be intending to focus on all fronts. From lower level phone optimization to truly defining gaming experience.

Apple intends to improve the new OS experience on lower level IPhones by reducing the amount of resources being used. This means this OS will run comparatively better than the previous ones on older IPhones. Usually the new iteration of the OS can run good but after 2 years or so, the experience starts to get laggy and has bugs in it.

More emphasis on Metal, Metal is an API for developers that allows reduced overheads in games for OS X and iOS 9 allowing distributed workflow to all threads of the CPU. What's the benefit of all this? Developers will be able to put more eye candy in games while consuming most minimum resources as possible. Cool right? All APIs do this.

Apple has snatched a lot of features from Windows Phone and Android. Split Multitasking has arrived on IPads that allows you to align 2 apps side by side. Furthermore, the news app has been further enhanced to allow publishers to have more control over the editorial layouts plus the app automatically adjusts the content to your liking. The app learns which niche or field you like to hear about and automatically suggests articles.

Transit Navigation has arrived to iOS just like we reported a while back. It's available in selective cities for now with worldwide support coming soon.

Siri is now 40% faster and more personal than ever.

Apple Music has arrived and is now a direct competitor to Spotify as well as other music streaming services.
That's pretty much on the mobile front. What are your thoughts on this year's WWDC?

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