5 Opportunities Of A 5G Connected World

Recently, Motorola announced their first 5G phone with the launch of Moto Z3 and Lenovo is also planning to release its own device very soon. It's almost evident that 5G will be rolling out in the next couple of years and will revolutionize our networks like never before. An estimate shows that a 5G enabled world will allow ICT organizations to generate more than $1.3 trillion in revenue due to digitization.

If we are to explore the opportunities which will be made possible by 5G, we must first look at the emerging technologies which will be making the biggest footprint in the next few years.

  • Internet of Things and Robots
  • Smart Homes
  • Smart City
  • Self Driving Cars
  • Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality
These five are the most hyped of the upcoming emerging technologies. 5G will not only offer blazing fast speeds, we are talking Gigabytes per second, but also change the way devices communicate with each other. How? Let's explore in detail:

Internet of Things and Robots

Internet of Things devices and Robots will soon make their way to each and every household throughout the globe. And that doesn't just stop here, they are the primary reason automation will happen because they will be replacing most jobs because they can be taken care off by machines. From automated ice cream machines to construction workers, all these require round the clock connectivity with fast data retrievals and transfers, otherwise, there is a potential chance of failure due to slow processing. 

Smart Homes

Each and every appliance in our home will be connected to the internet. From our mirrors (smart displays) in the rooms to showcase our morning schedule and the weather updates to automated breakfast makers and voice-controlled lights and fans, all these things will be connected to a 5G internet to make this possible.

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Smart City

Smart City seems like such a small term but it will literally transform the way everything as we know about a city and do in our cities. From smart health appliances such as live transmission of a patient's vitals to somewhere remote to smart farming using robots and automated vehicles and storage of citizens data to a cloud repository. Have I mentioned that 5G in conjunction with blockchain could potentially change our electoral process? And that's just the beginning of it.

Self Driving Cars

Currently, self-driving cars are in the infancy stage because they require an insane amount of data processing capabilities as well as non-stop communication with a cloud network and satellite GPS uplink. Our current networks are not fast or efficient enough to provide to fulfill this requirement right now. Hence you know why self-driving cars are still in an experimental stage aside from the lack of experience of their use.

Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality

The low latency of the 5G network is crucial for the success of AR/VR platform. Ericsson in collaboration with Intel and Telia showcased an AR demo utilizing Ericsson's 5G services to showcase the capabilities to a massive audience of 800 people. Since AR sits on top of real-world objects and headsets interact with the world for information retrieval and object placement, a solid network is required for this process to be successful. 

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