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Welcome to The Cryd's Daily 2.0

I am proud to announce two new members in our team, they have been responsible for much of the coverage in July and keeping me on my toes to scale TCD further beyond what we can conceive.

Before their introduction, let's talk about startups. There are people who prefer to go solo in their ventures but for the transformation of startups, to actually have a company feel you always have to make a team. It's essential, to be honest, because the reason you make a venture is to enable other people to learn and perform to their full potential. And even if you are an Einstein of your age, you will still learn from your interaction with other people in the group.

Aside from that, We are planning a weekly technology podcast starting tomorrow where we will offer a roundup of the latest happenings and discussions on everything tech! The podcasts will go up on Soundcloud most likely, do tune in tomorrow!

Our Team

Without further ado, our new team members:

Tehreem Farooqi

Technology Editor and Graphics Designer

Tehreem Farooqi is a freelance writer and a Software Engineering student at National University of Sciences and Technology, Islamabad, Pakistan. When not arm deep within coding or studies, she can be found scouring the internet for the latest technology news or discussing future strategies of TCD with Shaheryar, all day long.
She's also responsible for making the new logo and banner, kudos!
Reach out to her if you would like to have a story on a technical topic, dissected into chunks which you can digest easily.

Shifa Shariq

Editorials Lead

An ardent follower of Sherlock and everything related to psychology, Shifa joined Software Engineering thinking it was the ideal profession but then she met Java...... (and now C++)

Reach out to her if you have a story on which you would like an in-depth analysis or editorial on a trend but be warned, she cares about each and every detail of a topic!

Goals for the rest of 2018

I am going to highlight some goals which we are planning to achieve by the end of this year and we will update you on 1st January 2019 if we have or haven't!

Monthly Users: 15,000+ (Currently 5.7K)
Facebook Followers: 25,000+ (Currently 1.4K)
Twitter Followers: 1000+ (Currently 586)
Instagram Followers: 600+ (Currently 95)

Why don't you show your support and follow us on our social media handles to give us a hand! Links here:
Facebook Twitter - Instagram
With that being said, our coverage has shifted to more on an analysis side of things with one article being posted daily on a viral topic where we tell you each and everything you need to know. Be sure to subscribe!

This is it from our side folks! Leave your thoughts on the comments!

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