Apple Maps Is Being Rebuilt From Scratch Using User Data And Massive Fleet Of Cars

Apple is expected to roll out a completely revamped version of Maps on iOS devices and it will be available first with the next beta of iOS 12. The new version takes into account data from current users and Apple's fleet of cars around the U.S.

You might have seen them prowling the streets of Bay Area or somewhere:

Note the sensors on that vehicle up there.

Apple is rebuilding Maps from scratch in order to reduce reliance on third-party data ahem ahem Google. Global users will not see much difference but the experience of the app for the U.S. users should be dramatically different.

Apple aims to challenge Google's supremacy in the Navigation segment of apps. This is the very reason they rolled out their own fleet of cars throughout America. But do they have the strength to provide smooth navigation throughout the globe?

Image Credit and Source: TechCrunch

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