Sony Mobile May Shut Down Operations In Middle East, Turkey And Africa

The rapid growth of Chinese mobile manufacturers in the above-mentioned regions is taking its toll on Sony, which at one time, used to be one of the top line manufacturers of the region. The Japanese company is reportedly considering wrapping up operations of the mobile division in the Middle East, Turkey, and Africa as they are unable to break-even in terms of revenue flow and expenditure.

The tip comes from Evan Blass:

Evan is quite popular for his leaks and information about the industry. To add more weight to what he is saying, a Sony representative reached out to GSMArena to disclose what the company is doing with the 3 markets:
As part of our ongoing measures to drive profitable growth, we are carefully monitoring the market situation and reviewing our business feasibility in the Middle East, Africa and Turkey.
That my friends, in corporate language, clearly states that things aren't going well in these 3 regions. We may soon see Sony shutting down operations or perhaps, layoffs and downsizing. What are your thoughts on this?

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