Will Microsoft's Foldable and Pocketable Surface Phone Be The Industry Gamechanger?

It has been quite a while since we have some groundbreaking innovation in the smartphone arena because let's face it, as much as phones without notches look cool, that's not exactly innovation we are looking for.

Microsoft is working on a foldable Surface Phone which is in line with their bids to revive the Microsoft Mobiles division after their Windows Phones didn't match up to the competition. The dual screen phone will enable functionality as a whole, it can be used with both displays at once by utilizing one as a keyboard or rotating the screen 360 degrees.

Latest renders give an insight on how the phone will actually look like:

With that being said, LG is reportedly supplying the displays for the Surface Phone and it will probably make its debut later this year. The only huge question mark will be the experience of Windows Mobile on the Surface Phone which otherwise will come with no less than flagship level specifications.

Question is: Will the Microsoft Surface Phone be a game changer or a one-time fluke like the BlackBerry Playbook?

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