Six Nvidia Processors Will Be Powering Audi's Upcoming Level 3 Self-Driving Car

Audi's upcoming A8 will be using the Level 3 self-driving system which will allow drivers to relax in certain conditions such as driving on the highway or below 37 mph speed in certain conditions. This new system would allow drivers to do anything legally allowed behind the wheels, that is if local laws approve of it.

The brain of this system will be a Nvidia processor which will be handling around 2.5 billion inputs per second. Not only that, it will be controlling traffic jam pilot,, infotainment system, virtual cockpit instrumentation and headrest tablets for fully loaded models of the A8.

This is in line with MIT's analysis that Nvidia is making great strides in the fields of automobiles and AI.

The Level 3 system exceeds the one currently used on Teslas which requires the drivers to pay attention at all times despite the autopilot in control. While the new system is still in controversy because people would be skeptical of giving full control of their cars to the computer even on the highways.

This new generation Audi A8 will ship next year. Any thoughts on the Level 3 self-driving system?

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