Nvidia Is Apparently The Smartest Company In The World According To MIT

MIT has released its top 50 smartest companies of 2017 list and PC Hardware manufacturer Nvidia tops the list with the "most effective" business model with the highlight being the $3 Billion being spent on R&D to create a new data-center chip.

The list of some notable companies are as follows:

1. Nvidia

Continues to tweak its chips, originally developed for gaming, to help develop breakthrough technologies like deep learning and autonomous driving.

$3 billion: spending on R&D to create its new data-center chip

2. SpaceX

Changing the economics of space travel with its successful landing and recycling of rockets to be recycled for multiple trips.

10 percent: price discount being considered for customers who agree to fly their payloads on reused rockets.

3. Amazon

Creating an AI-powered store of the future with Amazon Go while expanding intelligent voice assistant Alexa into phones, cars, and more.

12,000: number of programs that software developers have published for Alexa.

5. Alphabet

Continues to dominate research into AI while expanding innovation in phone systems, virtual reality, and self-driving cars.
40 percent: the amount of energy the company says it saves applying machine-learning algorithms from its DeepMind subsidiary to cooling its data centre.

13. Intel

Acquisitions in computer vision and AI show it’s serious about adapting to new technology.

46 percent: Portion of revenues derived from areas beyond PC chips.

16. Apple

Minting money selling its popular mobile phones and laptops while adding impressive names to its AI research team and promising to do more manufacturing in the U.S.

$257 billion: cash on its balance sheet, more than the entire market value of General Electric

23. Facebook

Despite controversies over fake news, live streaming video, and discriminatory advertising, and poor sales of its Oculus VR headset, it continues to work on interesting applications of AI and VR, and its Instagram business is singing.

20: number of natural-language data sets built into the company’s AI research tool, ParlAI.

For the rest of the list, check out Technology Review, MIT.
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