Microsoft Beats Analyst Expectations Once Again With Record Breaking $24.7 Billion Q4 Revenue

Microsoft has impressed investors once again with excellent quarterly results which have silenced Wall Street analysts who were predicting lower revenues. The major contributor of the revenue is.... wait for it... commercial cloud services.

Around $18.9 Billion revenue came from cloud services in which revenue from Productivity and Business Processes was $8.4 Billion whereas Intelligent cloud contributed around $7.4 Billion. The only decrease in revenue was experienced in More Personal Computing which contributed $8.8 Billion revenue, down by 2% from last year.

A little emphasis on More Personal Computing, Gaming revenue has increased by 3% due to Xbox whereas Windows OEM revenue increased by 1% and Search advertising revenue also saw an increase in revenue by around 10%. The major contributor to the 2% year-on-year loss is the phone business which Microsoft recently scraped.

LinkedIn contributed around $1.1 Billion revenue during this quarter and Office 365 consumer subscribers now stand at 27 million.

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