Facebook Will Charge You To Read Instant Articles As Publishers Lose Revenue

After finalizing plans to put ads on your Messenger homepage, Facebook is now considering charging you to read Instant Articles as multiple publishers have complained that they are losing revenue due to its implementation.

It is worth mentioning that Instant Articles is Facebook's answer to Google's Accelerated Mobile Pages and Instant Articles is a lot faster in terms of response timings and loading as compared to its rival. However, that doesn't necessarily mean that you will get more revenue. With this much power, there is a huge responsibility.

The increase in speed results in publishers pondering which content to scrap or not. There are a dozen limitations in place here. Facebook's Head of News Partnerships Campbell Brown said that they are in early talks with publishers regarding a subscription based model and create a paywall. The feature will apparently roll out for early testing in October.

The readers with a free subscription will only be able to read ten articles a day from one publisher which in my opinion is fairly good. I don't think anyone would purchase a subscription unless you read two dozen articles from the same publisher and that too on Facebook.

What are your thoughts regarding this? Will you be interested in buying a subscription from your favorite publisher? 

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