iPhone 8 Will Ditch Touch ID In Favor Of 3D Facial Recognition

Just a day back, we reported that an analyst believes that the upcoming will not have in-Display Fingerprint Scanning contrary to prior rumors. This is because the in-Display Fingerprint system remains inefficient and doesn't fully meet Apple's quality demands. Only prototypes have been shown and Qualcomm is the only one which is primarily working on this feature.

However, a sudden change of plans is in order. A source on the internet says that Apple is working on 3D Facial Recognition as an alternative to the Touch ID and this feature will be used on the upcoming iPhone 8.

I have always regarded Facial Recognition as less of a security feature and more of something that one occasionally turns on to fool around with friends. But we are pretty much headed down that part since Samsung introduced Iris Recognition in the Galaxy S8/S8+ and the Note Fan Edition.

Bloomberg and KGI Securities believe that the upcoming iPhone 8 will include the ProMotion technology which allows increased display refresh rates as well as an Apple Neural Chip which will specifically handle this display and AI tasks. Higher refresh rates mean more frame rates meaning an even smoother experience while gaming or watching movies, provided they support this.

The Facial Recognition will take more points for identification which may theoretically make it more secure than the traditional Fingerprint recognition. The facial scanner can unlock the phone within a few hundred milliseconds so at least the process is fast enough.

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