Alexa Now Has More Than 15,000 Skills - Google Assistant Can't Even Reach 500

Amazon is making great strides in making sure that its assistant is up-to-date and has the most skills and apps than all other voice assistants. At the start of this year, Alexa had around 7,000 skills to its name whereas six months have gone and it now has more than 15,000 skills to its name.

By skills, we mean voice-powered apps that can run on Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Show and so on. The analysis was conducted by a third party firm Voicebot and later on confirmed by Amazon that the figure was indeed correct. The skill count grew 37 times faster than Google Assistant

The graph below shows how other assistants stack up against Alexa:

This a huge gap between the two companies. Microsoft is at the third spot with only 65 skills for Cortana. say that the most prominent app being used by US users was Flash Briefing, basically, the assistant will read out headlines from the apps you have specified.

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