iPhone 8 Will Not Have in-Display Fingerprint Sensor - KGI Securities Suggest

Previous rumours suggested that Apple may opt for in-Display Fingerprint Sensor for the upcoming iPhone 8 but apparently, KGI Securities claim that some technical problems may prevent Apple from fully integrating the technology into the upcoming flagship.

This is primarily due to the following conclusions obtained from their analysis:
  • scan-through ability still has room for improvement
  • slower to enable 
  • slower response
While the first one is actually applicable to all kinds of tech and not including the one we are talking about here. Processors and cameras, for instance, undergo improvement every year and this is normal. 

Slower to enable and the slower response is something that is probably holding them back. But you also have to consider that someone has to start the trend like Apple did with the iPhone ten years back. And Qualcomm is already working on this tech but even they aren't planning to ship it out just yet.

This video is probably the only good view that we have of the upcoming iPhone and comes from a credible source.
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