GameMine Secures $20 Million Partnership With African Carrier Vodacom

Boasting over 175 games in its portfolio, GameMine has successfully inked a deal with South African Carrier Vodacom in a $20 million partnership which will boost GameMine's subscriber base as well as provide their world-class upfront to the African community.

Daniel Starr who is the CEO of GameMine said they recognise the distinct value of South Africa's thriving mobile carrier market and it is an appropriate demographic region for their company. This is GameMine's first deal since the company launched six months earlier.

Starr previously founded Principal Media which was acquired by an investment firm for $40 million and since then he has moved to the mobile gaming market with a wide presence. He refers to his company as an "all you can eat buffet" and GameMine will now come preloaded on the phones which these carriers will sell.

GameMine's approach is closely related to "Netflix" as Starr likes to compare it and it has been logical enough to get his a $20 million investment from Palisades Venture Capital.
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