Razer May Be Working On A Handset For Hardcore Gamers

After spending a fair amount of time making awesome gadgets for the PC gaming market, Razer now intends to take on mobile gaming with its own smartphone. Razer had earlier acquired NextBit which specializes in smartphone design and manufacturing, it is, however, unclear at this stage whether Razer will make a smartphone or tablet for gamers.

Mobile gamers and Hardcore gaming are two completely different things in my opinion. Mobile gaming performs best for casual gamers and there are countless living examples for that. Take Ludo Star for instance, which has quickly become a popular teenage pass time nowadays. 

Bloomberg first reported this but even they are unclear regarding how this handset will be executed. Razer has experience in the gaming industry whereas has NextBit has some experience making Android smartphones. Their NextBit Robin phone was the first to integrate cloud storage in a smartphone to date.

Razer also hopes to get an IPO investment later this year and has filed the paperwork for it.

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