Facebook Is Working On Its Own Modular Phone

Facebook is slowly transitioning towards the hardware side of technology and Business Insider reports that Building 8, which is Facebook's secret research division for hardware, is working on a modular phone and the project is being led by Regina Dugan, former DARPA director.

Facebook has also recruited several former Project Ara employees which Google suspended in September last year. What I have to point out is that modular phones have always been well received and can pave way for upgrades of one's phone without having to change them every 2 to 3 years. Furthermore, we are talking limitless customization.

Facebook has filed for a patent which describes a modular electromagnetic device which is to shun away the habit of disposing of smartphones after they get old or suffer from wear and tear. There are two products being highlighted in the patent, one is a smartphone and other is a smart speaker.

This isn't the only project being worked on at Building 8. Dugan is also actively pursuing brain computer interfaces which will allow people to type with their thoughts. She also has prior experience working with modular phones at Google ATAP which was the mastermind of Project Ara. There is a huge possibility that this project may become reality but the actual part is sustainability, which is where Google failed.
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