Intel And Samsung Join Apple In Its Spat Against Qualcomm

Apple is gathering support from major hardware manufacturers in U.S as the legal proceedings get underway. Intel and Samsung are the latest companies to throw their weight behind Apple, the former claims Qualcomm has its own sinister motives and the latter says blocking iPhone sales in America could cause significant damage to supplies and upset customers.

It all started when FTC accused Qualcomm of charging higher patent royalties and Apple responded by slapping them with a $1 Billion lawsuit whereas Qualcomm shot back and accused Apple of holding back payments on which they previously agreed.

Qualcomm intends to block sales of all iPhones which use parts other than those supplied by Qualcomm or its affiliated suppliers. This is where Intel comes in because Apple also uses their components. 

Intel is now accusing Qualcomm of charging five times more for its licenses whereas offering them at significantly lower prices to phone manufacturers. It is now urging the ITC to investigate the issue as it feels Qualcomm isn't using fair means in its business dealings.

Meanwhile, Samsung, a member of Computer & Communications Industry Association, has called up regulators to stop Qualcomm from preventing iPhone sales in the U.S as it would be against consumer interests.
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