The Founder's Note - We Keep On Going Forward...

The Cryd's Daily is now two years old and it is prime time that we think about where we go from today onwards.

Web Blogging is an amazing experience. It not only allows you to interact with the reader base but over time you also build some amazing connections with the industry that you love and are covering. Which is one of biggest perks I find when I write. Our site is completely independent and the coverage only flows when I am eager to write about stuff.

I have experimented on and off with some variety of coverage. I went forward and adopted an approach towards controversial journalism but kept my facts and coverage in check. And it got a good response from the reader base who agree with the point of view stated.

And then we also added App Requirement Pages which have got the best SEO response which I could never have imagined. I also tweaked my coverage of phones and I am considering that from now onwards, I would only add flagship or popular devices from the respective manufacturers to remain in the loop. This would not only increase the interest but also allow me to spend more time on improving the overviews of phones.

Chipset Overviews remain on the most comprehensive sections on the website. I will start cross-linking sections from mobile overviews to chipsets and then from app overviews to chipsets so that people can know more about the specific System on Chip.

The overall plan is to mix the coverage. At one end we will provide in-depth editorials, insights on the mobile and wearable industry as well as make a few predictions while mixing them with rather short but eye opening articles.

Since I have around 3 to 4 months free till I go to university, I am considering to spend more time here in a productive manner as well as taking up some side projects. I will also be spending some of my time on Game-Debate and then, of course, fitness which is an essential part of life!

But enough of my ranting, here we have the stats which you were yearning to see:

There has been exceptional growth from last and if we put up a direct comparison from Pageviews to new users, there is an overall growth of 500%.

But frankly speaking, of course, we will keep on going and try to reach those figures in just one month, then one day and keep on improving till we have made The Cryd's Daily one of the best in the world. I plan to stick to this website and make it better each day.

Alhamdulillah, All this wouldn't be possible without Allah Almighty's never ending help. Stick with me guys and we'll move on, reach new milestones and become one of the best. In Shaa Allah!

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