End Of The Year Special - How Advancement In Artificial Intelligence Is Not The Death Of Coding

The New Year is upon us and with its arrival, there will be a set of resolutions, plans and roadmaps set out by individuals, companies and so on. Similarly in the world of technology, there will be amazing new gadgets to look out for this year as well as new emerging businesses.

Our topic of interest at the start of the year is whether the advancement in Artificial intelligence will eventually lead to the death of coding. It has been said for a while and by a lot of reputed journalists I should say that as AI progresses, the programming languages and codes are bound to become simpler and this in fact can lead to the death of the discipline which all know as Software Engineering (Sub branch: Programming Languages). AI will eventually create this field as a historical subject only.

There are a number of reasons why I believe that this will never happen. Before understanding the reasons, I think we should understand the true application of Artificial Intelligence. In one word: Universal.

AI will have its benefits in each and every segment of human life. It will be so diverse and in the same period devastating to the general job market. Traditional workflow nowadays will be impacted, For example places where conditions aren't suitable for humans to operate nowadays will readily be filled with robots. Automated workflows will create products according to the specified quality, it won't be above or below the required grade.

AI will make tasks easier in our homes by simplifying security problems to cooking our everyday dinner to planning vacations and so on. It will be exceptional in the work it will perform as well being as much personal as possible. But for that to happen, AI has to become smart.

How does the AI become smart now? That is job of the programmers. You see humans evolve, their methods of living change dramatically each 10 years or so. If I may be so bold as to say that the 10 years figure may get even smaller soon say around 5 because of the rapid advancements currently taking place in science.

Programmers make AI smarter by first studying how the common person lives, works, his needs, his likes, dislikes and so on. They have to create the algorithms for the AI to understand the human and therefore adapt to his/her's needs. These algorithms can't remain the same each 5 years, they need to be refreshed or replaced completely depending on the condition. Just like it is impossible to predict where technology would be in 5 years time, it is impossible to predict where human lifestyle would stand in the same period.

The acceleration in the growth of Artificial Intelligence will be possible if Quantum Computing becomes the standard in the upcoming 5 years or so. It is indeed possible that the minority market will have it in the 10 years period but it would be unrealistic to say it will become a standard in the upcoming years anytime soon. Real acceleration of the growth of technology takes place when the technology in minified form reaches the general customer. When they get to toy around with it in their homes or educational institutions for instance, they will create magic.

During that timespan and beyond that, Programmers will play a pivotal role in making both these emerging markets the core of enterprise businesses as well as the general customers. Innovation never stops, there is always a certainty that something even more powerful than Quantum Computing could turn up. For instance, there was VR, then AR and now we are talking mixed realities. Interaction with the virtual world and so on. There is no one to stop this revolution folks!

With that, I end my rant here once again. I wish you all Happy New Year and here is to another awesome year in technology!

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