Press Release - Futur Wallet, a RFID blocking wood wallet, saves you from credit card theft

No matter what precautions you take, there is a high probability that your pocket can get picked or you may lose/misplace your wallet never to be found again. And, if your wallet is carrying plastic money, you could end up as a victim of credit card theft. Ask Amir Sigari how it feels because he has had a firsthand experience.

Amir, currently an engineering student at Stevens Institute of Technology, got his credit cards skimmed when he was working in New York City in the summer of 2014. The perpetrators made purchases worth hundreds of dollars using his credit card. His bank informed him that the scammer could have skimmed his credit card for personal details using RFID technology. He discovered that RFID blocking wallets can avert scammers from stealing credit card information and thus the idea was born.

That’s how Amir came up with the idea of creating Futur Wallet, a minimalistic wallet that allows quick and easy access to all your cards without compromising on the security aspect. He joined hands with his sister Hanieh who hails from biochemistry and material science background. The duo worked together on every minute aspect of the design and functionality of the product to launch Futur Wallet, the world's first completely RFID-blocking wood wallet in carbon fiber and aluminium.

Futur Wallet isn’t just any other regular wallet, rather it is the best wallet crafted for beauty, complete functionality and affordability. It is small and slim enough to fit into your pocket unobtrusively. There is a cut out at the bottom of the wallet that lets you use your thumb to pull or push the credit cards easily. You can then fan your cards conveniently to access lesser used cards. It is available in two options: Cash strap which features a built-in, hidden pocket to store SD card, coins and keys; and Money Clip for those who want to own a minimal yet functional wallet. It can expand to hold up to 10 cards.

Futur Wallet also boasts of aesthetic and sleek design. Right from hidden screws to chamfered edges, it is made from high-quality materials and in such a way that no hardware is visible to the naked eye. Each wood version of this wallet is CNC machined from a block of pure black walnut or carbonized bamboo. It is then hand sanded and varnished to bring out the natural beauty in the grains. Due to the inherent properties of woods, each one is unique to you. The wood is supported by a metal core not only to make the wallet stronger, but to also add the RFID protection.

This sexy, safe and built to last wallet can be currently purchased for as less as $59 on Kickstarter.

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