Press Release - ORBI Prime is the World’s First 360° Video Recording Eyewear

A camera with highly advanced features is always on the must-carry list of every nature adventurer. But, after a while, holding it in hands or using it with mounts or rigs for extended periods of time, can become an arduous exercise. Moreover, the lens is not equipped to cover 360° view, giving the videos and images an incomplete finish. ORBI Prime, the world’s first 360° video recording eyewear, breaks all these barriers.

Developed by Iskander Rakhmanberdiyev, Adil Suranchin, and Alexander Moreno, ORBI Prime is a groundbreaking development in wearable and hands-free action camera space. It looks like your regular pair of sunglasses, but is equipped with four 1080p cameras, allowing you to shoot 360° videos and images in incredibly rich 4K resolution. It’s sleek, stylish and lightweight, yet high on the durability factor owing to its polycarbonate frame and IP64 water resistant design.

For every one charge cycle, you can record 90 minutes of video. It has a storage capacity of up to 128GB and the batteries are rechargeable with the help of a micro USB port. ORBI Prime also offers a video editor feature through which you can stitch together up to 30 frames per second and add a soundtrack, subtitles or other effects to enhance the viewing experience.

And, what is an adventure if you can’t share it in real-time with friends and family? That’s why, this eyewear also has an inbuilt Wi-Fi to share your videos and images instantly on the social media while on the go. Other features include polarized, adaptive lenses for UV protection and compatibility with multi-sport helmets.

Currently, early birds can purchase ORBI Prime on Indiegogo crowdsourcing platform for as low as $229. The product will officially hit the market in August 2017.

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