Xiaomi To Setup Offline Stores To Boost Declining Sales And Regain Top Rank In Smartphone Sales

Very recently an IDC report ranked top 5 smartphone vendors in the first quarter of 2016 and surprisingly, Xiaomi and Lenovo dropped out of that list in favor of Oppo and Vivo, the latter being a lot less well known I should add.

So in order to boost their falling smartphone sales, Xiaomi CEO plans to open up at least 1,000 stores in the following 2 years and each store will be 250 square yards big. They will not only house smartphones but more than 50 to 100 different products available at launch. The stores will be available in all major cities starting with Chinese ones first.

The expected sales of the stores will amount to 50 Million Yuan according to their prediction. What are your thoughts regarding Offline sales? Which method is more effective?

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