Samsung Galaxy Note7 Will Carry A Really Expensive Price Tag

A lot has been said about the upcoming Note flagship. We are talking curved design, 3 colors, dual camera setup, iris scanner and the inclusion. But the actual thing that people would really want to see is the pricing. Unfortunately this time Samsung will be opting for a heavier pricing for the Note 7 keeping in view these extra features.

Currently we all are aware that the Note7 will have a bunch of new features as stated above and the size of the phone will be bigger, starting at 6 inches with curved display. Furthermore, Iris sensor is being included to reinforce the security of the phone even further. 12MP Dual camera will also make debut so that users can take sharper and more vibrant pictures.

However the downside in all this is the price. It is expected that the base model of the phone will retail at $940(€849) during it's launch. This is $55 more than the original price of Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, not the original S7. It's a significant increase in price which would dent the user hopes of buying the phablet. While in all accounts the increase in price is justified because of the extra features but another down point here is that there will no cheaper flat screen alternative either. So take this with a pinch of salt.

What are your thoughts on the rumored price of Samsung Galaxy Note7? Will you still buy even if the price is increased? Let us know!

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