Android Nougat Will Stop Ransomware From Changing Your Lockscreen Password

Seems like the upcoming version of Android is bringing in some new features of security and one which will specifically prevent ransomware from resetting the password on your Android device. This info comes from Symantec, the parent company of Norton antivirus for all platforms.

Previously the malware used to invoke the resetPassword method to change the password of the Android device. However in Nougat, Google is introducing a condition so that the resetPassword can only be used to set a password and disallowing the person to alter it afterwards. There is no backwards compatibility for this feature so the newer version is particularly safe.

The problem will still exist for those who have no password on their devices. Previously we also noted that Google assigns a special 128-Bit Full Disk Encryption to lock user data but if the user doesn't have a passcode, the hacker can put his own password and lock the user out.

The entire blogpost is available here. What are your thoughts on Google's effort for Security?

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